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You should know that shuffleboard dampening is about 90% like on a lead shuffleboard (lead plate) and so that you can see for yourself, I’ve left some videos of shuffleboard games here click here“.

You have just received your “La Vadrouilleuse” shuffleboard and you want to play it now ?

Make sure you land your cast iron pucks flat or amber on the Mop for a better cushioning, because in piqué, it can work but not every time. It’s up to you to try. Example on this video :

Dampened opinion on the Mop-up compared to a lead plate:

  • 4.5/5 for the Vendean pucks (cast iron)
  • 4/5 for the Breton palets (cast iron)
  • 3,5/5 for the brass pucks

Your board is brand new and you are during a season where it is cold, the membrane of the board will probably be hard so it will have an impact on the cushioning of the pucks, they will be less clear. Except during the warm weather season when the membrane softens.
Once your board has received many impacts, the bumps will be better than a new board.

When your board is brand new, it can be exposed to the sun to allow the membrane to become softer and allow your pucks to get a better cushion (a bit like the lead plate when it is new).

Extend its life

First tip
When you want to play a game, use your carpet and put it under the shuffleboard. It will protect the membrane underneath and you will keep the board longer.

Second tip
In case of very hot weather and when you play shuffleboard for several hours with “La Vadrouilleuse”, please play on one side of the board for one game and on the other side for the next game. Alternate the two sides of the board to extend its life.

Third tip
VFinished playing? Then put the mat/carpet back in the package and the board back in its place to keep it in good condition.

Fourth tip
(It takes several years to get to this point, unless you are an expert, a paleo player and play many times a week all year round).

Your shuffleboard is starting to get old and get many impacts on the 2 membranes? Know that you can heal your membranes with a wooden roller for example, to give it a second life.

Place your board in the sun, when it is 25° and above, your membrane will soften and that is when you can use your wooden roller. Place your roller parallel to your impacts and roll your roller over them and the impacts will heal. You can also use a heat gun to heat the membrane.

Lifetime of the shuffleboard La Vadrouilleuse (text written in July 2022)

Many people ask me this, often Breton shuffleboard players or even lead plate players… but let’s get back to the question “how long does the shuffleboard last?”

Given that the La Vadrouilleuse began marketing in June 2018 and can be played on both sides then having received no customer feedback telling me “my membrane is shot”. With the cast iron pucks The Mop has therefore a life of 8 years minimum and with the brass pucks it lasts longer because the pucks are lighter.