Why choose La Vadrouilleuse ?

“La Vadrouilleuse” is a TRANSPORTABLE (integrated leather handle), LIGHT (4 kg) puck board with an ERGONOMIC and OFFICIAL FORMAT (45×45 cm) whose manufacturing started in June 2018 in my father-in-law’s garage, near La Rochelle. All materials were carefully chosen and come exclusively from Charente-Maritime and Loire-Atlantique. Since November 2020, the manufacturing has been entrusted to CADETEL, a Vendée company specialized in shuffleboard.

Are you a connoisseur or just discovering the game of shuffleboard? It doesn’t matter! All you need is a 4-meter long pitch, cast iron shuffles (Vendean or Breton shuffleboard) or brass shuffles, a “La Vadrouilleuse” shuffleboard and a good mood to play!

Sun, rain, snow? No more excuses to miss a game! The Vadrouilleuse is an all-terrain board. You can play it outside or inside (in your garage, on your terrace or even on your balcony).

You are on vacation with your family or just out with friends, so it’s time to play all together! Take La Vadrouilleuse with you in all simplicity thanks to its advantageous characteristics (integrated handle, light, ergonomic size) and play wherever you want.

And the little extra : the shuffles are 90% as close as on a lead shuffleboard and so that you can see for yourself, I have left some videos of shuffleboard games oppositeclick here“.

Damped opinion on the Mop-up compared to a lead board :
– 4,5/5 for the Vendée palets (cast iron)
– 4/5 for the Breton palets (cast iron)
– 3,5/5 for the brass palets

Treat yourself or your loved ones!
The Vadrouilleuse is at the exceptional price of 69,90€ TTC (excluding delivery).