Règle du jeu de palets

Shuffleboard Game Rule

To play, you need :
• a “La Vadrouilleuse” shuffleboard
• 12 cast iron pucks (Vendean puck, Breton puck, brass puck) and a master (small puck)

Can be played alone or in team:
• alone (12 pucks)
• 2 players (6 pucks each)
• 3 players (4 pucks each)
• 4 players (3 pucks each)
• 6 players (2 pucks each)

Layout of the game
Draw a line on the ground and position the “Moptop” shuffleboard 3.80 meters from the line. Position the handle of the board outside the game
of the game area (game throw).

Who starts the game?
The team is designated by a coin toss. The winner of the toss chooses his or her numbered pucks and starts the game with the “master” (small puck). A player of the team throws the master, he has the right to two tries before passing the master to the opponent.

How the game goes on
Once the master is on the board, the same team throws a puck again and it is the opponent’s turn to throw a puck. The team that
has succeeded in placing the puck as close as possible to the master, lets the other team play. Afterwards, the team plays again only when it is beaten by the opponent.

Who is the winner?
As soon as all the pucks are played, the winner is the one whose puck (minimum) is closest to the master. It is the winner who raises the master for the new game.

Counting the points
Each puck closest to the master of the winning team counts for one point. The first losing puck (opposing team) after the winning puck(s) cancels the counting of the remaining pucks. A puck that has touched the ground or is off the board is counted as a draw.
A game is played to 13 points.

Règle du jeu de palet
The rules of the shuffleboard game

For a GOOD shuffleboard:
Please make sure your pucks land flat or amber on the board.
If you throw the puck nose down (perpendicular), it may have a bad bounce, it will roll or shift a lot.

TIP “When it’s hot!”
When playing shuffleboard for several hours with “The Mop” board, please play on one side of the board during a game and
the other side for the next game.

IMPORTANT “To extend the life of the board
• Alternate the two sides of the board.
• Store it in its cardboard packaging.