Partie de palets

Good cushioning of your pucks

Thanks to a damping membrane placed on both sides of the plywood, the Moptop ensures a good damping of your shuffles (Vendean shuffleboard, Breton shuffleboard, brass shuffleboard) and offers you a pleasant sound! Both sides can be used to play.

You can use both sides to play. You should know that the cushioning of the shuffles is about 90% like on a lead shuffleboard (lead plate) and so that you can see for yourself, I have left some videos of shuffleboard games on the right “click here“.

Damped opinion on the Mop-up compared to a lead board :
– 4,5/5 for the Vendée palets (cast iron)
– 4/5 for the Breton palets (cast iron)
– 3,5/5 for the brass pucks